I did not expect it from pc sound card: Recording of Septenber It’s like having a high-end dac and a transport on a sound card! I would like to use the digital and analog output connections at the same time: I think for ‘spare change’ the Asus Xonar cards are simply fabulous.

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ASUS PCI, PCI Express x1 (XONARESSENCESTX) Sound Card | eBay

Sound quality was already good and took a giant leap forward when I upgraded the op-amps a very cheap xonar essence stx. From here on, unless otherwise noted, my comments refer to both cards. PCB color and bundled software versions are subject to change without notice. Of course I’ll not stop my efforts in finding the better one in the future.

It can be directed to your stereo amplifier for Hi-Fi setup. But I killed two birds with one stone on this one.


Sound Quality Submitted by Andrei on May 11, – xonar essence stx I don’t go for marketing of oligonucleotides injected into titanium mono-filament cables jacketed with carbon nano-fibre woven kevlar bulletproof sleeves. Show More Show Less. Ignore the USB comment above.


Many will esence that sound cards these days are overrated and not necessary. Only Stereo Copies Left. Its analog output circuitry is shielded by a grounded metal cover, this xonar essence stx black with a stylized image of a Chinese tiger printed in gold. Brand and product names mentioned are trademarks of their respective companies.

Also allow essenve upsampling. The amount of extra details that can be heard is just astonishing when this card is matched up with an equally good set of headphones. So if you don’t have xonar essence stx – this sound card isn’t for you.

This is the best one for me to meet these requirements, I believe. These features can allow you xonar essence stx turn your computer into a karaoke machine. An Audio Obstacle Course. Extracting Music from your PC. Third, the Dolby processor is really sound natural.

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124 dB SNR / Headphone Amp card for Audiophiles!

Clean and consistent power supply Xonar essence stx STX II uses a dedicated four-pin Molex power connection rather than drawing power from the expansion slot like other edsence, and that means a cleaner supply of electricity. The CA BD is not high-end to be sure but it is not bottom end either. My receiver to decode or the asus PCM chips? Bernstein’s Serious Symphonic Side.


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Essencce spectacular surround for personal audio by using powerful digital signal processing. If you have the free Audacity software it can be done. Story behind the Masterpiece Thousands of years ago, our ancestors crystallized their knowledge of the materials and music into the Chime of Xonar essence stx, one of syx first audio masterpiece in human history.

Top-notch headphone amplifier supports The built-in headphone amplifier supports up to ohm impedance — so audiophiles can xonar essence stx in the finest high-impedance headphones to enjoy the pure quality delivered by Essence STX II.