More meta posts (1)

A meta post is a post about posts.

This blog framework, like I expect all blog frameworks, will make it trivial to organise thoughts chronologically while making it difficult for readers to find threads of coherent thought.  My ideal would be the reverse, AISI the real value to be found in my work would be if coherency was maximized, allowing them to glean insights without having to wade through all of everything I manage to capture.  Besides, even if I capture something astute, that does not mean that it will be presented in its most digestible form.

I expect to tag each title to reflect the topic thread it continues.  I will look for a format to breakout the links and dependent ideas from earlier post that are foundational to each entry, as I have no way of knowing which fragments any reader has already seen.

Onset Issues

There are many issues that have come up in establishing this blog.

  • GoDaddy provided a user experience even worse than that provided by JetStar before they wised up.  Thus I went with IWantMyName.
  • Pricing is both wacko and bad.  My domain cost $11.38 for the first year, but it is expected to jump to $64. next.
  • My friend Tom is providing the host, so I only needed to point the registration at his machine.  This was a small button with a less than clear title; this also meant navigating to avoid all the other extra cost services from the registrar.
  • Tom has been using WordPress, about which I have no documentation yet, and no previous experience.  I have done several things with setting up web servers, including setting up a couple of WikiMedia sites complete with writing exotic extensions in PHP.
  • My first attempt at publishing a page was the “about” page, which WP says it published but I do not yet know how to “see it” from anywhere other than the administrators dashboard.
  • This is my first blog entry.