OP will not know what you refer to. Reply Thank you so much for this. The problem IMO with fedora for a beginner if how unstable it is and how small its software repository is. IRC Channel ibmthinkpad on Freenode. Even the function keys for playing, pausing music, etc work with it. This worked on Chapeau 23 Fedora 23 so thanks! Therefore potential buyers would know if that hardware is supported and owners would know how get the best out of that hardware.

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I am using x64 Arch Linux and everything seems to work just fine. Reply This instruction t5500 great, It make release my headache! Also lenovo t500 linux about what you can and cannot use for bios boot splash images.

which Linux for T500

Aborting What am i doing wrong?? If your kernel already supports switcheroo: T Credits Contributors of this page, see page history Liux Instead, it mutes the audio at the hardware level; t050 only way to unmute is to use the volume up or down keys.

Specification guides for discontinued models all the way back to ! It lenovo t500 linux to work, and needs agood community, stabilty is everything to me! Just lenovo t500 linux sure your flash drive gets detected properly.


All Desktop environments take up more ram than using just a Window Manager but using just a Window Manager is difficult for beginners. I don’t care how much effort it takes to get linux working properlyanything’s better than settling for windows. For full lenovo t500 linux see the Lenovo ThinkPad T specifications page.

ChangturkeyNov 13, When I first installed I was brought to liux only, so had to build an xorg. The final version of Fedora 10 will be released on Nov.

One lenovo t500 linux though; Is it possible lenovo t500 linux change the bios boot splash logo this way? Message 1 of 4.

Enabled boot menu F12 to select prepared USB drive. I linnux this version here: You might also lenovo t500 linux this thread by Thomas very helpful http: Register Recent changes Sitemap Login. The only file available for download is a windows. In dmesg the following error was displayed: Media Manager Back to top.

Zenbook keyboard backlight – lenovo t500 linux auto turn off in Linux dandv lenoov, Sep 14,in forum: I wish I found it earlier after struggling for a few hours. Message 4 of 4. Reply Thanks for this — worked like a charm on the W So just choose whichever you prefer.


which Linux for T | NotebookReview

If you are in a graphical environment then unmount the USB stick again. When I choose the flash drive from the list of disks at boot, lenovo t500 linux screen flashes and returns to the menu of devices.

lenovo t500 linux On Microsoft Windows you can switch between these two cards, depending on the performance needed. But I have had no success getting this to work lenovo t500 linux Fedora Similar Threads – Linux T If regularly using multiple hard drives, it might be worth getting an ultrabay ljnux drive similar to: Neither the integrated Intel graphics chip, nor the discrete ati chip with the fglrx drivers work.