Let us take an example of one of our customers and see how this plugin can help her. The printer is now installed and you may close the Thermal Utility. Printing labels from Shipping Below you’ll find a tutorial teaching you how to set up and use the Peninsula Thermal Printer Driver to print Fedex shipping labels directly from the Fedex website to your thermal printer on Mac. Shipment Tracking Pro for WooCommerce. Release the Feed button after four consecutive flashes.

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Select the 2 — FedEx Customer Admin tab.

The roll must not sit in the bottom of the media compartment. This resets the printer to the default factory settings and modes. Drag the PDF file we downloaded earlier onto the window and set the label size to the correct size of your labels. Shipment Fedex label printer Pro for WooCommerce.

Orient the media roll so that its printing surface faces up.

It would look something like in the following sample image. During shipment, the fedex label printer may become dirty when handled or dusty when stored. Please note some Fedex supplied printers do not talk the language they tell you they do, if a ZPL driver does not work, please try an EPL driver instead. Additional Resources Learn more about our various domestic and fedex label printer services to meet printeer shipping needs. Pull the first label towards the front of the printer and ensure that it protrudes past the front lip of the printer.


Close the cover and press the Feed button.

At the bottom of the screen in the section labeled Set Default Printers, click the Browse button next to fedex label printer Label Printer field. The printer is now installed and you may close the Thermal Utility.

The Systems Settings screen displays. From the tool bar, select System Settings from the Customize menu. Pull the left media hanger to the side.

Electronic Trade Documents Go paperless by submitting your customs documents electronically. Click OK to exit System Settings.

Lower the roll between the fedex label printer and release the left hanger onto the core. You can refer the following image to the same.

1. Setting up Fedex ship manager to print to your thermal printer

Click Test Printer and then click Fedex label printer. To verify that the printer is properly configured, select Printer Setup from the click Utilities menu. Code Snippets – Estimated delivery. Prrinter the printer power on and top cover closed, press and hold the Feed button for several seconds.

Removing the outside length avoids dragging adhesive or dirty media between the print head and platen fedex label printer. The label printer you just installed should display in the Label Printer section. Search Knowledge Base by Keyword Search. Let us take an example of one of our customers and see how this plugin can help her.


FedEx Ship Manager Software – Zebra Printer Driver FAQS

This results in better label design and clarity in the barcodes on the label. Pull the first label toward the front of the printer so that it protrudes past the front lip of the printfr. You may install the same printer multiple times fedex label printer different settings and a fedex label printer name using the Thermal Utility allowing you to set the extraction up for fedex label printer websites and applications and simply choose the printer on the print dialog to print with those settings.

How do I load labels into my printer? Remove the outside length of media. Preparing Media Whether your roll media is inside-wound or outside-wound, you load it into the printer the same way. But, one of the most used thermal printers are the Zebra thermal printers. They are cheap to buy and are cheaper to maintain as well.